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Written By: Roger Crates - Jan• 13•11



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‘I can’t see the wood for the trees’, is as you know a well known expression and one which would be a shame to lose from current usage, particularly as it applies now more than ever before.

In my own case and I have put it on top of this article so you can see the pith in ‘the wood for the trees’ before you read the whole kit and caboodle. I have a website and I am a writer. I am retired as my old body has sort of creaked and cranked its way across the years and in the physical sense, I am not a good bet for an employer. That is not to say I am totally useless at some things, it is to say however, that I am totally useless at some other things.

One of those things is running this website, I wish to spend my time writing the stories and posts but writing them is only one part of the equation.  Getting them out there is the other and possibly tougher bit.  I seem to be increasingly spending my time reading articles about website marketing, SEO, RSS, keywords, ad words, crawlers and spiders. Yeech, I am also inundated with articles about how to do these things, which to be honest I have no great interest in doing.

Once upon a time I read comics and a little later magazines. There were, and probably still are adverts that made outrageous claims about products like Charles Atlas whose muscle hand grips or chest expanders would turn skinny people whose face and dignity would be covered by sand kicked into them by some bulging bully at the beach. This action was usually accompanied by laughing beach babes to the shame and embarrassment of the skinny one.

We all knew this was outrageous propaganda for the product but some bought the product just the same. It is probably worth saying, I did not buy the product and it is also probably worth saying, I don’t have a muscley bit on the corpulent mass that is my body.

I now see emails by the tonne with the same dopey claims, You can actually watch Joe Blow make a million in a minute and he will give you the secret for free, if you like the product or the idea of the product you can buy the premier version.  “This unbelievable value for money product is available to a selected few and you will increase your million dollars per minute” and so they buy them.

Here is an advert of my own which will not bring the applicant a million dollars but will bring the applicant a reasonable return for her /his efforts, I think.

 I write articles and I write books, I want to give away the articles and hopefully when people, possibly you, read those articles, you might like them or have a laugh with them.  Some people will, and want to read more in the form of a book or listen to an audio version, they will buy one. This website does indeed sell them.  I need someone who wants to take on the responsibility of running the website with all that SEO and RSS and keywords stuff etc etc for a proportion of the income from the site. So if you are interested in a position like that let me know on  and let’s talk.

So how does this lead into wood and trees, well the segue is there if you look a little harder.

What is it that you are doing? Well you are reading this website post. What am I doing? Well I am writing it.  I have the perfect vehicle for the ad you have just read. You use the internet to get your information, you may be interested in creative writing or at least reading it. So you read blogs and might even write your own, have probably read the same guff I have about website marketing and here’s the big point of difference between us, you might even enjoy doing all that marketing stuff. If you do contact me.

Point is I have been worrying about how to contact someone like you to help me, (and yourself), and here you are reading this.

I had the wood all the time while I peered around the trees looking for you.

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  1. Roger Crates says:

    Thank you Tiffany,
    Please pass on the shortstories-funnystories URL to those you know who may also apppreciate the writing, and who knows maybe a marketing Guru will notice and help with the marketing stuff I am to inept and truth be told to lazy to do myself.

    Thanks again


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