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Written By: Roger Crates - Jan• 25•11
Where’s Roger?




This episode of ‘Where’s Roger’ is NOT about drugs or the notorious golden triangle of Asian ill repute. Although I know that this area of Australia has a reputation with a small r, for the cultivation of cannabis. It is a wonderful place to live, offering secluded woodland dells and nooks and is still within reach of the tourist glitter palaces and hot spot night clubs, and plenty of pubs. Not to mention the wonderful beaches which of course I will mention. All this is a magnet for people of all types and backgrounds including, unfortunately fools who wish to get involved in the drug trade, it is no wonder that some people wish to live here and break the law in the production of drugs.

I will get this drug reflection over quickly and at the beginning. Lazy, lousy self indulgent cowards who profit by ruining lives, without the slightest qualm or regret. Their lifestyle always seems to start out with the idea of some sort of Nirvana ideal and ends up in misery, tragedy and violence for themselves and others. Wake up you dopes, get a job and become real men and women.

Pheww, that’s out of the way so lets get on with the stuff that is 99.999% more valid to the area.

A good friend of mine, actually she was a great friend of my late Wife’s and sort of inherited me in a manner of speaking, Jenny lives up that way. Jenny is one of those people to whom life seems to roll along and money seems to materialise for her. Not that she is either rich or dishonest in any way, quite the contrary in fact, but she does always fall on her feet.

Jenny springs, to mind when she is not falling that is, because she is so typical of the people who have made this area their home in recent years. Jenny moved up to get away from the hustle and bustle and a former lover when they co-owned a charming cottage in Rozelle in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

Jenny bailed on the cottage and her paramour whose attention, it must be said, was between his genuine love for Jenny and the pull of the bottle. He subsequently followed her on up to the area and though I haven’t been in touch for a while I suppose they continue on in some fashion.

That is not to say the newer citizens of the region are running from but rather running to a place offering so much in the way of different lifestyles.

The family is well catered for with pre-schools, schools and colleges as the kids grow including the University of the Sunshine Coast. The whole area has gained in popularity as people from the south were looking for an equally sunny alternative to the Gold Coast with a more laid back feel to it.

In the seventies and eighties the perception was the Gold Coast was getting a little tired and with the emergence in Australia of the dreaded yuppy culture, the Gold Coast was seen as a little Passe and weary.

Mooloolabah and Maroochydore became popular first with Brisbanites looking for an escape from the muggy Brisbane summer days when sweltering was not alleviated by running a hose on the kids or setting up a mini swimming pool that generally collapsed just when the kids were having a great time jumping up and down in the splashy water.

One poor little mite always jumped, bumped or landed on the edge of the little pool and the side collapsed just as the kids collapsed in laughter until Dad told them the pool was kaput, no good, a pool no more just a wet blob in the backyard until it was soaked into the parched grass. With the demise of the Brisbane backyard pool came the advent of the Sunday drive to the beach. Slowly the beautiful beaches and headlands of both Maroochyadore and Mooloolabah, these strangely named twin beach side towns took on the attitudes of fully fledged tourist meccas.

Maroochyadore is from the Aboriginal word marukatch-dha meaning red bill which is also the aboriginal term for Black swan.

Mooloolabah is, you guessed it an Aboriginal word,……. ah…… but do you know what it means………. it means two things actually or is derived from one of two things Lulu means Schnapper which are in evidence in the waters off Maloolabah and the other interpretation is Mull meaning Red Bellied Blacksnake also abundant in the area. Your pick.

Both Maroochydore and and and Mooloolabah have rivers aptly named the Maroochy and the Mooloolah. Both rivers were navigable and used in the early days as transport by the various steamers and ships into the respective hinterlands and were a part of the economy which included fruit, timber, fishing and dairy.

We all tend to forget the incredible importance river travel and the commerce it brought in the development of our coastal regions and further inland. Without river travel the richness afforded by the rural industries couldn’t be made viable, so hats off to the river men.

The Golden Triangle is also the jumping off spot to the Glass House mountains which I will be visiting shortly. Inland from the beach and just a few kilometers from Maroochyadore is the charming village of Buderim.

The township is the epitome of the hillside village and of course the home of my friend Jenny, where she has so successfully found both refuge and the peace not afforded by the inner city suburbs of Sydney.

Friends….. before you write to me ‘up in arms’ about the inner suburbs of Sydney let me say, horses for courses, I love parts of those same inner suburbs, and the lifestyle choices they offer, in fact another friend (my first wife) lives in Balmain, and you can’t get a much more inner city suburb than that) and she loves it and with good reason.

Back to Buderim, which is near to the home to the famous weekend markets at Eumundi and this little place offers much for the visitor including the ginger factories in the area.

You can drive down woodland lanes until they peter out in bushy splendor. Buderim is the only place high enough to see the entire sunshine coast in one magnificent panorama.

Go Visit it and don’t forget a side trip to Maleny another bushy wonderland and one place where the magnificent Platypus still lives in the wild. There is a hippie factor of about eight for those regular readers and that simply adds colour and charm to the whole thing.

All this and I still haven’t gotten to Caloundra yet, in this episode of ‘Where’s Roger’ I mean. So that’s where we will go next.





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