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Written By: Roger Crates - Feb• 16•11

Where's Roger?

BEAUDESERT TO BOONAH QLD.                           AUDIO LINK                       

At the southern end of the base of the edifice known as Mt. Tambourine in the Gold Coast hinterland, is the village of Canungra, which has that almost undefinable charm of a place that isn’t quite alpine but ought to be. It sits on the edge of a foothills range that leads to some of those miles of sweeping plains Dorathea McKellar told us about.

In fact the area cannot be described as sunburnt, too many pine trees and horse studs in the area. Just as an aside isn’t it interesting that horse studs and agistment parks for pampered racing stock, or at least I assume such expensive beasts would be pampered feature beautiful estates that are inevitably surrounded with wooden three or four bar fences and painted a dazzling white.

Is this part of the romance of the horse or a business ploy by the establishment to advertise the place is first rate or maybe I have answered the question by my own observation.

The horses are worth so much and love to run, so much that they need dazzling white fences so as not to injure themselves in a fit of pure elation at knowing they are valuable or loving the running. Who knows, certainly I don’t. A horse is a singular creature, as it blessed with such confidence in its own horseyness that when a mug rider like me, hauls himself awkwardly on board. I then confirm my incompetence by saying something inane like giddy-up. Ed the ‘almost talking horse’ simply turns its head, glares balefully at me and casts thought messages that say ‘you have got to be kidding, I am a proud member of the equine race and you sad little human, you, are not fit to grace my back ,so I will stand here till someone in authority comes along’. This is what always happens, honest its my wat with horses and I swear it is true.

Canungra is at the head of a valley that housed lots of these horsey establishments and I for one don’t stop to chat. The valley is certainly worth the short trip through the foothills of the Gold Coast hinterland.

The road lead to places with such exotic names as Biddabbadda which is fine of course but you need to slow down to read the sign Bida bbb……… whaaaat. Anyway the place, Biddabbadda is a sort of mini bushland valley that offers a short drive and joins the road to Beaudesert again after a couple of miles.

Here for the first time since leaving the glitzy Gold Coast we are entering the stronghold of the older farmsteads with the rusting implements scattered around the home paddock, where I suppose they gasped their last. Rather than move them they are left to be swallowed by mother earth over the next couple of years.

Not too much changes in some places although I expect a great many such abandoned farm implements end up rusting away or even worse, painted and sitting in embarrassed grandeur in the front yard of someones dwelling in a housing development in Whoop Whoop by the sea.

A few kilometres along we come to Beaudesert, a charming little town sitting in the Scenic Rim which is also what the local Council calls itself.

The name derives from the original volcano of the region and as we know from further south this whole terrain is dominated by the building up and then the cataclysmic destruction from the Mt Warning big boom some twenty four million years ago.

Beaudesert follows an historical path not dissimilar to other towns in the region, the original inhabitants moved on or were forced to , timber was sought after as a cash crop and the stripping of the forest led to pasturalists settling the area.

In the case of Beaudesert a thriving pig industry was a natural for the local conditions, but eventuality cows won the hearts and wallets of the local farmers and Dairy became the predominant product.

Strangely Beaudesert for some reason actually boomed during the great depression last century and I expect this was due to the swapping of resources and the degree of commercial change in the district. I was not able to ascertain why such a place reveling in rural riches need be called anything with a desert in it, so I could write some nonsense nothing new in that some may say, about The french Foreign Legion, Deserts Forts and a fellow called Beau Geste by PC Wren, funny what comes to mind as I ride along.

When you leave Beaudesert you will find an interesting little road trip of about thirty Kilometres to the very scenic town of Boonah whose residents have recently tussled and won against a Government plan to dam their local river as they are in the Logan river catchment area. The water caught within the confines of the catchment area would mostly benefit people on the more densely coastal areas.

The watercourse involved was Teviott Creek and the town was greatly relieved that the dam didn’t eventuate. It does smack about NIMBY-ism though, as Boonah is well supplied with water from the Moogerah Dam some fifteen Kilomteres to the southwest of the town.

We shall visit it next on the way to Cunninghams Gap further along and overlooking the Fassifern Valley, should give the scooter a good workout as it is spectacularly steep and I will post a few photos from the top, before I “head on down, head on down the road “ as Michael Jackson sang in The Wiz. 

If you enjoy ‘Where’s Roger’ (or if you don’t and you want to annoy someone) why not pass on this episode.

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