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 AaHaa….A Reader                    

 Hello and welcome to the Short Story-Funny Story website and this blog, and this, I suppose, is my Bio.

What’s in a name

There has been some minor speculation about the origins of the name Crates, and all I know is that it has been passed down a few generations, and the meaning of the word Crates has become murky with the passage of time.

Now I know, that you know, the word Crates means the plural of a box like object used for the storage of milk containers, but lets face it that has very little appeal if you happen to belong to the Crates Family.

Members of my family, and it must be said, most notably me, have been saying, upon meeting someone new, “Roger Crates, Crates as in boxes” and there you have it.

Personally I believe it is of Anglo/Greek origins, a bit like Socrates or, Hippocrates and other great renowned thinkers of that ilk. This brings gales of laughter to everybody who knows me, except of course family members stuck with the same surname, who strangely seem to agree with me.

I am considered by most to be an older man and at 62 years along life’s path I guess I have to agree, well sort of anyway. That 62 years has had some benefits as it has led me to have a rather interesting life, mostly full of joy and happiness and enough sadness to make me know and appreciated the happiness.


A curriculum vitae, CV or list of things I have done in my life would fill too many pages and probably bore you stiff, but to list a few, I have been a naval apprentice, Judo instructor, postman, hospital wards man, business owner, and salesman, and that was before I turned twenty. In later life I have applied myself to the fields of jewellery, charitable fund raising, security and a few bits and pieces.

Now, as you can see I write, although my Editor may have a coniption if I consider myself a writer at all. After her fit of rage or hystericts over words like coniption, she has insisted my readership need to easily understand whatever it is that I write. This seems to be a sensible approach but I do so love words and if coniption and curriculam vitae give people pause to ponder, I will use that wonderful character played so hilariously by Mark Mitchell ‘Con the fruiterer’ who says “Doesn’t Matter” because you will get my drift anyway.

Back to the bio, I have been married twice, have two children, four grandchildren and one great grandson. My marriages gave me great joy and the happiness outweighed the sadness.


On this website you will find my ‘Where’s Roger’ Blog which is the front page and another page has ‘Roger’s Column’, both are updated weekly or sometimes more often.

‘Where’s Roger’ is about my adventures around ‘the wide brown land’ and ‘Roger’s Column’ is basically a series of essays or commentaries on the society we live in. I hope to tackle these thing with insight and humour and I hope you return again and again.

Plugging the Books

I have written an Autobiography ‘Love, Life and Wet fish Dancing” and I have also managed to bang out a few short stories to boot.

‘Them’s that read ’em seem to like ’em’. So I can’t ask for more.

They are available from this website if you feel so inclined.

I will be traveling around Australia and as I do so, I wish to complete a long held ambition to write a series of short stories revolving around Australian rural towns and the wonderful characters that live or have lived in them. If you have such a story why not contact me and we could have a chat about your own yarn.

The In Joke

Regular readers will see a couple of phrases I use in some of my written pieces on this blog. Just so you will know, I always find one thought or story line leads to another and this is why you will see, ‘and that of course, is another story’ featured occasionally.

The other one you may see, concerns my motor scooter on which I travel around Australia. Now a motor scooter is generally regarded, in one’s mind eye at least, as a little thing, and I am not a little man. I ride a motor scooter because I love to ride but as I have osteo-arthritis, I can’t throw my tree stump legs over a motor bike. So I need a step through. This gives me the appearance of a pimple on a pumpkin as my Dad might say.

A large man riding a small bike tends to look a little effeminate and although I am not a particularly macho sort of guy, I must admit I do not wish to be seen as effeminate either. So to dispel your mental image of a delicate fellow on a cute little motor scooter, I often remind readers that, ‘I ride a motor scooter, quite a big one, more like a bike actually’

On that note

Enjoy the Short Story-Funny Story site

Roger Crates (as in boxes)



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