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Love, Life and Wet Fish Dancing

Written By: Roger Crates

 About ‘Love, Life and Wet fish Dancing’

 A new book from the Roger Crates, an autobiography, written with humour and pathos. This account takes us from a childhood in the suburbs of Sydney and rafting on the Lane Cove River, to extinct tigers in Bali.  The Australian humour shines through every page.”

“There is more than a glimpse at the way some peoples lives are changed by the circumstances of their living it.  He weaves the message skillfully with humour as the main thread.”

“Roger Crates shares with the reader moments that reflect the joy and the despair that can accompany true love. This man has lived a full life and his truth becomes evident to the reader. A book written with candour, humour and love.”

“From a childhood that is at times harsh to a well rounded senior citizen, Roger Crates tell his story with the quintessential humour that all Australians will recognise. I found the tangential story of his second wife and their love both touching and truthful.”

“This is a simple saga of getting from one point in a life’s journey to another. Happily the truth and wisdom gained from Roger’s life might be an example for us all, and it’s really funny as well.”

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A word or two from the Author         AUDIO LINK

Humor is the lifeline we all should hang on to as tight as we can.  I was looking for a way to write of a sadness and found humor. I was looking for a way to express regret and found thankfulness

I wrote this book initially as an exercise in remembrance of my wife Christine whose tragic death left me in a place I had never been before. As the book developed I saw it as an opportunity to help others who like myself, have real issues with faith.

In my case faith means a belief in something other than the here and now.  I cannot grasp the concept of what so many call God, yet through the internal despair of her passing, I have come through grief with a far greater understanding of the nature of our existence.

Along the way through my life I have I have loved, lived, learned and laughed and I hope to share this ‘joy of life’ in a manner that reflects the Australian character.

 I cannot understand why in other books of personal discovery, or even religious awareness, the idea of humor is often lost. The last time I perused the bible I didn’t laugh out loud once, yet humor is one the greatest learning (and teaching) tools of all. 

 Another great truth, “Laughing is better than crying”


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